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FIFA 20 (Standard Edition) (Xbox One) Xbox Live Key

FIFA 20 (Standard Edition) (Xbox One) Xbox Live Key

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FIFA 20 (Standard Edition) (Xbox One) Xbox Live Key

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FIFA 20 is the newest EA’s football sports game that once again brings fresh, fast-paced, and mechanically precise action to the fans all over the world. Buy FIFA 20 key and experience football like never before. With the new Volta mode, vast character customization options, tons of new arenas, and well-needed changes to timed finishers as well as keeper movements – the game promises to surprise even the pickiest.   Volta Mode Volta mode is the newest addition to FIFA series. It’s a street football mode in which you’ll be able to immerse in the authentic culture, develop your own character and his/her playstyle and participate in the smaller-scale, more personal gameplay. A whole catalogue of additional moves and multiple urban landscapes are just a few of the reasons on why’s the mode worth your while.   Variety at its Finest Buy FIFA 20 key and experience your favourite modes too. Career, Kick-off, Seasons, and Ultimate Team modes are all coming back, and your created character (in Volta) will be able to play a part in each of these. Alongside these game modes, you’ll also get to play on both pitch and streets. Huge stadiums are awesome, but so is the neighbourhood cage in London, or the rooftop in Tokyo! Small scale face-offs – grandiose fun!   Much Needed Changes The newest title in the series also comes with numerous gameplay changes. Beginning with timed finishing now being even harder to master, accuracy being tuned down across the entire field, and much more! Also, don’t expect your keepers to move as they did in FIFA 19, that’s another fix that this title is concerned with. And last but not least, FIFA 20 implemented manual defending and manual tackling features – no longer will you have to blindly trust the in-game AI!   Buy FIFA 20 today and get to experience what the newest gen of football can offer.

Release date:

27 September 2019
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